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February 06, 2024

Mastering SharePoint Governance: Sustainable Management

In today’s digital workplace, effective management and governance of collaborative platforms such as SharePoint is crucial. A robust SharePoint Governance plan includes rules, processes and policies that define how your organization uses and manages SharePoint and Microsoft 365 environments. Creating such a plan starts with defining clear goals: Why are we using SharePoint and what do we want to achieve?

The Myths Around SharePoint Governance

There are many misconceptions about SharePoint Governance. For example, it is often thought that a Governance Plan must be comprehensive and is a one-time task that can be “ticked off. In reality, a Governance Plan is a dynamic document that adapts to the changing needs of users and the evolution of your SharePoint architecture.

The Importance of User Adoption and Training

Without the implementation of user education, a Governance Plan is ineffective. The success of SharePoint Governance depends on familiarizing users with the policy through onboarding and continuous updating on governance changes. This can be achieved through personal education or a series of internal newsletters.

The Role and Structure of the Governance Committee

An effective Governance Committee combines business and technical members, including representatives from the IT department and senior management. This committee discusses updates, suggests improvements and addresses SharePoint-related issues, and is responsible for defining and assigning specific SharePoint roles within the organization.

Building your SharePoint logical and information structure

In essence, a logical structure is a collection of logical groups within your SharePoint environment that share the same principles, settings and configurations. Given the complexity of SharePoint, grouping elements facilitates the implementation of management guidelines. Some examples of logical groups are:

➢ Intranet
➢ My Site
➢ Extranet
➢ Internet
➢ Cooperation
➢ Project
➢ Applications
➢ Search

Unlike the logical structure, which is a high-level blueprint of your SharePoint organization, the information structure is a hierarchical list of content, keywords and data types within your environment. In other words, information structure determines how information is organized and presented to your users. It specifies what type of content resides at each level of the SharePoint hierarchy: your sites, subsites, libraries, lists and documents.

A Customized SharePoint Governance Solution

Instead of relying on standard tools, it is recommended that you develop customized SP Governance solutions that fit your organization’s unique needs. This includes developing policies, procedures and tools that promote user adoption while incorporating flexibility and scalability into the management structure.


A bold SharePoint Governance strategy is crucial to creating a secure, structured and effective work environment. Busting myths and applying custom solutions will enable your organization to get the most out of SharePoint. ALTA-ICT offers an all-in-one rights management tool that helps you to:

  • View all users and their permissions.
  • Check all Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams memberships.
  • Gain insight into rights inheritance.
  • Detect all items with unique permissions.
  • To report on external sharing.

To refine your governance strategy and build a culture where collaboration and productivity are paramount, always enlist the help of the experts at ALTA-ICT.

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