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July 23, 2021

Windows 11 puts Microsoft Teams central

The latest plague of Windows 11 has been suggested that Microsoft Teams plays an even more prominent role than expected in the new software platform.

The new build is set to bring the Microsoft Teams chat feature directly to the taskbar in Windows 11 to allow users to complete chat from video conference calls with just a few clicks.

New preview builds of Windows 11 as pictured task confirmed that the will have a dedicated button for the Microsoft Teams chat app in addition to all the usual options in the Microsoft.

Microsoft Teams Windows 11

The addition was discovered by BleepingComputer, which will allow the feature to remain free for now, connected and connected via individual and group chats.

The feature seems to be closely associated with the Microsoft Teams desktop client, these users have the chat button in the Windows 11 click, click this open on their computers instead.

More features and functions for Windows 11 will start, but Microsoft already has a whole new addition and service, including some for Teams.

The company has already given Teams a major overhaul, including an all-new tech foundation that hopes will make Teams more intuitive and easy to use. β€œMicrosoft Teams 2.0” is based on Edge WebView2 and results in the ability to use embedded Microsoft web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with the Chromium rendering engine.

Using Edge WebView2 includes that Teams 2.0 also no longer has an address bar and users can run the app in a separate window as they could with the old app.

Unlike the old client, Teams 2.0’s app window is now customizable and the interface automatically scales next to it. Microsoft has also added integrations with native notifications and other Windows 10 features.

Windows 11-Microsoft-Teams-Chat

While many features are now available in the client, there are still missing advanced controls that can change the functionality of the Together mode.

The move shows just how vital a role Teams will play for Microsoft in the Windows 11 release and in the years to come, as it turns out to be to adopt a hybrid working model that relies heavily on such software tools.

Source: johorbiznet

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