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October 01, 2020

Virtual Commute, Headspace Mediation and More Come to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has announced several new features in areas such as meetings, calling, Microsoft 365 integrations, healthcare, security and compliance, and more. These features should improve the overall experience and performance of Microsoft Teams.

New Microsoft Teams features announced

Microsoft Teams now offers users new Together Mode scenes to help them feel closer and connected. In its blog post, Microsoft wrote:

β€œIn October, breakout rooms will allow meeting organizers to split meeting participants into smaller groups to facilitate brainstorming sessions or working group discussions. Presenters can choose to jump between brainstorming rooms, make announcements to all the brainstorming rooms and/or close the brainstorming rooms that then bring everyone back to the main meeting. β€œ

In addition to new scenes in Together mode, Microsoft Teams creates custom layouts, brainstorming rooms, a meeting summary, and webinar registration and reporting. Custom layouts, meeting summaries, and webinar features will come to Teams later this year. Meanwhile, Breakout Rooms will be available to users sometime next month.

As for meeting room experience, Microsoft brings support for collaboration bars in the Teams Rooms product line. Meeting room users will also benefit from contactless meeting experiences, meeting room capacity notifications, Microsoft Teams Panels, etc. Companies will soon be able to deploy two Teams Rooms for free. It will soon be from FastTrack.

Microsoft Teams also offers new calling experience and joint calling. Microsoft is expanding its call plan to more customers starting October 1, 2020.

As part of Microsoft 365 integrations, Teams users have access to new insights into well-being and productivity. New wellness experience for Teams will soon provide users with a new Virtual Commute feature in the coming months. It adds an external workday structure to help users get used to their routine.

Aside from the addition of virtual commuting, other Microsoft 365 integrations include the SharePoint Homesite in Teams. Microsoft is also adding new features aimed at Firstline Workers in the form of Walkie Talkie Android, integration between Teams and RealWear and Shifts Connector in Power Automate.

Source: thewindowsclub

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