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December 02, 2023

The New Microsoft Planner in 2024: Efficiency and AI-Driven

The launch of the new Microsoft Planner in 2024 represents a revolutionary shift in work management. This development is a direct response to the growing need for advanced and integrated work management tools in an increasingly digital work environment. By integrating AI technology and several other productivity tools, Microsoft aims to provide a seamless, efficient and user-friendly experience.

In a world where the dynamics of work are constantly evolving, Microsoft recognizes the need for a platform that not only supports current work styles, but is also flexible enough to accommodate future changes. The new Planner is designed to meet the challenges of contemporary work management by streamlining tasks, projects and collaboration, making it an ideal solution for both individuals and teams.

With this innovative move, Microsoft aims to fundamentally transform the way we work, putting efficiency, collaboration and intelligence at the heart of managing our daily tasks and projects.

The Main Changes

A Uniform Work Management Experience

  • Integration of Different Tools: Microsoft Planner will bring together Microsoft To Do, Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project for the Web into one unified experience, available in Microsoft Teams starting in spring 2024.
  • AI-driven Help: The introduction of Copilot in Planner will help users plan tasks and projects using natural language.

Eight New Functions

  1. Teams app: A new app for Microsoft Teams provides a unified work management experience suitable for individual and collaboration management.
  2. Project Management: Users can access, manage and edit their projects within the Planner.
  3. Personal Planning: The ability to create and edit personal plans.
  4. Automatic Task Population: Tasks are automatically added to ‘My Day’ on their due date.
  5. Managing ‘My Tasks’: A panel that shows all tasks in which the user is involved.
  6. Access ‘My Plans’: An overview of all tasks, projects and to-do lists.
  7. Premium Capabilities: Additional features such as sprint planning and task history, available with a Teams Premium license.

planner premium

Ease of Use and Flexibility

  • Scalability: The new Planner is designed to scale from simple task management to full project management.
  • Flexibility: Users can choose from a variety of templates, views and approaches, including agile sprint planning.

Integration with Microsoft 365

  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 applications such as Microsoft Loop, Outlook and Viva Goals.

Task Management for Frontline Teams

  • Continuation of task management functions for frontline organizations, including task publishing and progress monitoring.


With these developments, Microsoft Planner promises to become a powerful tool for managing tasks and projects, from individual action items to comprehensive team initiatives. Its combination of ease of use, flexibility and AI-driven functionality makes it a promising choice for users looking to maximize productivity.

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