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January 14, 2024

The GPT Store: A New World of AI Possibilities

Two months ago, OpenAI introduced the concept of GPTs (General Purpose Technologies), which allowed users to create their own customized versions of ChatGPT. This innovation has generated unprecedented interest, with more than 3 million custom GPTs created by enthusiastic builders. Now OpenAI is going one step further by launching the GPT Store, available exclusively to ChatGPT Plus, Team and Enterprise users.

Discover Trends in the Store

The GPT Store is a treasure trove of diversity, with GPTs developed by partners and the community. Users can explore popular and trending GPTs in various categories such as DALL-E, writing, research, programming, education and lifestyle. The community leaderboard acts as a guide to the most popular GPTs.

Your GPT in the Store

Building your own GPT is easy and requires no programming skills. To share a GPT in the store, you must save your GPT for all to see and verify your builder profile. OpenAI also instituted a new rating system to ensure compliance with the policy.

Revenue for GPT Builders

In the first quarter, OpenAI is launching a revenue program for GPT builders. American builders are paid based on user engagement with their GPTs. Details on the payment criteria will be announced later.

Team and Enterprise Customers Manage GPTs

OpenAI also announced the new ChatGPT Team plan for teams of all sizes. Team customers will have access to a private section of the GPT Store. For Enterprise customers, the GPT Store will soon be available with enhanced management controls.

Explore the world of GPTs at and experience the power of AI like never before.

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