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October 04, 2023

The 10 best ways to use Copilot in Microsoft Technologies

Generative AI is the hype of the moment, and Copilot integrates best with Microsoft’s extensive technology portfolio. This has put coding, application use, automation, analytics and cloud computing right at the fingertips of all users, with natural language prompts generating the desired computing output. Step into the era of Generative AI with Microsoft Copilot, reducing reliance on technical skills.

With the rollout of Copilot across Microsoft technologies, we’ll see how this game-changer will be of use to your business. We discuss benefits such as reduced operational costs, time savings, efficiency and increased productivity.

  1. Analytics and BI

    Deep technical skills are no longer required for Analytics and Business Intelligence. Use natural language in Power BI to generate dashboards, perform predictive analytics and more, all aimed at novice users. Just describe the desired output and request the results – all done by Copilot.

  2. Automation

    Process automation is now child’s play with Power Automate. Just define the workflow requirements and see automation appear immediately. Use Copilot for a wide range of workflows in your organization.

  3. App Development

    Need a custom app? Copilot takes care of it for you. Say goodbye to complex coding and dependence on technical resources. It is now possible for anyone to create an app without coding skills.

  4. Chatbots

    Virtual assistants or chatbots are now the norm. With Copilot, you can create a chatbot based on your specifications. Your chatbot becomes essential to your business thanks to built-in data mining and natural language processing features.

  5. Website Development

    • Forget complex web page coding.
    • Describe your page and let Copilot create it for you.
    • Add forms and database tables effortlessly.
  6. Modern Workplace

    Standard office tasks are a thing of the past. Copilot integrates into Microsoft 365 and provides advanced features such as document idea generation, email summarization and complex spreadsheet creation.

  7. Communications

    Teams has redefined the way we communicate. Copilot takes this experience to the next level with features such as call summaries and automatic generation of action items.

  8. Cloud Computing

    AI models, content moderation and more are now more accessible than ever. Work seamlessly with Azure and reap the benefits of cloud computing with Copilot.

  9. Security

    Cybersecurity is now easier thanks to Microsoft Security Copilot. Detect threats and identify the best strategies with the help of AI.

  10. AI Pair Programming with GitHub Copilot

    Coding without technical skills is now possible. Let GitHub Copilot generate your code or make suggestions using OpenAI Codex.

Microsoft Copilot has revolutionized the way we use technology. It makes advanced technology accessible without coding. For more information on Microsoft Copilot, contact us and our experts will be happy to help.

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