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October 22, 2023

Teams Premium Update: Boost in Collaboration

Microsoft Teams Premium takes a big step forward with the recent launch of an update specifically aimed at boosting productivity and enhancing collaboration. The update comes packed with new features, such as the addition of “Chapters” and “Topics” in the Intelligent Summary, broader language support, and in-depth engagement analytics. The introduction of advanced webinar features, especially the ability for customizable e-mail communications, is another important addition. In addition, administrators gain more control with features such as automatically applying background blur during meetings and tools for proactively monitoring meeting quality.

In a recent blog post, Nicole Herskowitz, Vice President at Microsoft Teams, gave her perspective: “Teams Premium is positioning itself as the place for intelligent working, thanks in part to its combination of advanced productivity, immersive experiences and robust security. Our commitment to innovation remains undiminished, ensuring that professionals can not only keep up, but truly excel in the dynamic world of modern collaboration.

The New Functionalities in Detail

The new features added to the AI-driven Intelligent Summary, such as Chapters and Topics, make it easy to navigate meeting recordings.

Teams Premium automatically uses AI to create Chapters and Topics, dividing the meeting into sections. This allows users to easily select the content or time they want to view. Chapters and topics locate keywords from the meeting report or content used through PowerPoint Live.

Intelligent Summary’s language support is expanded to include Arabic (Preview), French, German, Hebrew (Preview), Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Spanish. “As of November 2023, more people can hold meetings in their preferred language and then receive corresponding AI-generated notes and tasks,” Herskowitz explained.

Teams Premium users can now view live translated meeting reports in the transcription panel during the meeting.

The latest update to Intelligent Summary is engagement analysis, which helps meeting organizers understand participant interaction to improve future meetings.

New webinar features

Teams Premium adds new webinar features, such as making it easier for participants to register and participate in webinars with customizable email communications.

As with the Intelligent Summary, webinar organizers can use the same engagement analytics to understand how the content performed and overall event engagement.

Finally, there are the new powers for organizational admins. Admins can improve organizational privacy and consistency by automatically enabling background blurring for meetings.

The New Teams App Has Launched

The new Microsoft Teams app is now generally available for Windows and Mac and offers users the best client performance yet.

The app now offers full functionality equality for almost all features. General availability also introduced new features and improvements.

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