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July 13, 2020

Teams Family Consumer Market App

Microsoft 365 will be enriched with collaboration tools that help consumers manage finances, pursue creative projects, and work on things like a shopping list. New experiences like the Microsoft Family Safety app should allow families to control which media is seen and used on all digital and physical aircraft. It will be connected to a wide range of devices, from Android and iOS to Windows PCs and Xboxes.

Microsoft Teams for Consumers and Families isn’t just a chat app

Microsoft Teams for Families takes advantage of all those new features from Microsoft 365 for consumers and families and makes it a single hub to get all family business done.

What is Teams for Consumers and Families?

Microsoft Teams for Consumers and Families is a hub for chatting, collaboration, and event planning for all families and interactions with friends. The advantage That Microsoft wants for Team users over other messaging and collaboration apps is the ability to multitask without using other apps. Messages and video calls for groups and individuals. Microsoft Team chats are essentially a collaboration between family and friends. Microsoft Teams chats have unique sharing capabilities, such as sharing Microsoft 365 documents, locations, tasks, multiple calendars, OneDrive files, and more.

Microsoft Family Safety app

If we look at Microsoft’s Family Safety app, Teams is the best place for families to share those features. Other unique features, such as assigning people to tasks and giving you special access to passwords for family accounts from the Team Safe.

Microsoft Teams allows users to add secure
Microsoft Teams allows users to add securely

The app itself is the same app used in the workplace, which can be confusing, but I find this better than any other brand. Microsoft allows the user to switch between accounts so you can use the same app for personal and work. I think this is a great feature and continues the theme of the team: not having to switch between apps.

Dashboard feature for Consumer and Family Teams

The Dashboard feature for Teams is also a unique feature for a family messaging app. The Dashboard is like a chat page, and here all information about Teams Chat is stored and users can access all shared information. It has categories for media, location, calendar, files, vault and tasks.

In the Safe feature, users can access passwords from shared family accounts such as Netflix or Disney+. It has a hub for storing Wi-Fi passwords, membership passwords, important identification documents such as SSN or insurance. It’s a place where you can store all your family’s important information in Microsoft’s secure cloud.

Available and purpose of Teams for Consumers and Families

Currently, Teams is only available for mobile on iOS and Android. Microsoft Teams is the app that brings collaboration and communication together in one place. As Microsoft said, Teams for consumers and families is not to compete directly with other messaging apps such as iMessage or WhatsApp. It is to give consumers and families a new level of cooperation and synchronization.

Source: Forbes

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