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April 24, 2021

Should I use TikTok for business marketing?

It’s easy to assume that the only way to use TikTok for business marketing is to follow the latest dance trend, but there’s actually more to TikTok than seems at first glance. It is undeniably a place where brands with a younger audience can thrive. Since 62% of TikTok users are between 10 and 29 years old, you may be wondering if it’s worth bringing your business to TikTok. The good news is that the average TikTok user is getting older by the day. According to Oberlo, the number of American adult TikTok users has increased by 5.5 times in less than 18 months.

So now that we know tiktok isn’t the dance app for kids it was, how can you use it to promote your business? There are a few ways! Let’s dive in.

Organic placement

Organic posting on TikTok is a great way to get your foot in the door, test the waters, and get a better understanding of the platform and culture inside. It costs nothing and will make your business more successful if you choose to go to the paid side of the business by building brand awareness and credibility within the app.

While TikTok can be intimidating, there’s a place for everyone to fit in. Once you know where your business belongs, the TikTok algorithm does most of the work for you by sending your content to users who are likely to enjoy it.

Even with support of the TikTok algorithm, it is best to take into account the different sides of TikTok when creating content. This way, you can make sure that you match the recipe for success.

The different sides of TikTok


The trendy side of TikTok embodies everything the average person would like. It’s the Top 40 of TikTok. Catchy dances, stunning stunts, celebrity gossip, popular trends, etc. Whether or not your business fits this style, it’s smart to stay up to date with everything that’s ‘trendy’. It’s an easy way to reach the masses, and if done right, it’s the easiest way to go viral.

Fashion and beauty

It’s probably clear whether your business is suitable for the fashion and beauty side of TikTok or not. If your business fits, great! The next step is research, getting to know the community, who the influencers are, what the trends are, and so on. If your business has nothing to do with fashion and beauty, you shouldn’t limit your losses just yet. Be creative! No side of TikTok is off limits.


For most, TikTok is the place to find content that will make you laugh for hours. The comic side of TikTok is a world in itself with its own subcategories, including memes, sketches and even getting up. If your brand personality tends toward humor, then this is the side for you.


This is a GREAT space for small businesses and all kinds of artists. Jewelry making, painting, sculpting, candle making, TikTok has it all and people want to see you show off your skills.


When it comes to food, everyone is interested. Whether it’s a food review, a trendy ‘mukbang’, a satisfying compilation of heels or a DIY recipe, there’s a way companies that have something to do with food can thrive on TikTok.

Informative / educational

For companies in industries that can be considered rather dry in the eyes of social media, TikTok can surprisingly be a place to thrive. While some TikTok users consume coarse, comical content or try to make it as the next viral dance, other TikTok users learn spreadsheet hacks and budgeting practices. If your company is in a STEM field, don’t write tiktok off yet, there’s an audience waiting for you.

Source: rso-consulting

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