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November 15, 2023

SharePoint Premium: AI-enhanced Content Management in Microsoft 365

Microsoft announces SharePoint Premium, a new solution that uses AI to transform content management and content experiences in Microsoft 365. SP Premium, currently in preview, will be generally available early next year.

Expanding on the Success of SharePoint

SP Premium builds on the success of SharePoint, the industry leader in content platforms. It expands capabilities to help organizations get more value from their content throughout its lifecycle.

Capabilities of SharePoint Premium

SP Premium enables users to increase productivity, streamline business processes and collaborate on various types of content.

Enhanced Content Experiences and Solutions

Users can benefit from content experiences and solutions to keep their content up-to-date, easily findable and optimized using AI, security and workflows. This is particularly useful for important business documents such as contracts, invoices and SOWs.

Organizing Content with AI-Driven Automation

SP Premium’s content processing service allows users to create, classify, tag and prepare documents for Copilot using AI-driven automation.

Content Lifecycle Management and Governance

The content governance service helps manage the content lifecycle and prevents over-sharing and content clutter. It provides control over who can access content with simple and powerful tools.

Implementation and Availability of SharePoint Premium

SP Premium combines new and existing features of Microsoft Syntex and Microsoft SharePoint Advanced Management. The rollout of SP Premium will take place gradually until the first half of 2024.

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