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December 03, 2023

SharePoint Premium: AI-driven Content Management

In an era when content is the lifeblood of any organization, Microsoft introduces SharePoint Premium. This advanced content management and experience platform is the next evolution of Syntex, bringing AI, automation and added security to your content experiences.

Features of SharePoint Premium

  • Advanced Content Experiences: Improve employee productivity, optimize business processes, and collaborate on hundreds of file types.
  • Content processing: organizing and maximizing the value of content with AI-driven automation.
  • Content management: Active approach to handover and content dissemination.

Powered by SharePoint

SharePoint enables you to collaborate and inform with dynamic sites, personalized news and secure file sharing. Hosting managed content in SharePoint enables building rich applications beyond Microsoft 365.

New Innovations

  • Simplified Authorship: Copilot in SharePoint makes it faster and easier to create SharePoint pages and collaborate in real time.
  • Engaging Content: SharePoint gets a major aesthetic update for creating visually appealing sites and pages.

Integration and Cooperation

  • New integrations for SharePoint into email, Teams and Microsoft Viva.
  • Flexible platform for customized solutions.

Microsoft Syntex and OneDrive Innovations

  • AI-driven workflows for enriching, managing and extending content.

Management of High Value Documents

  • New solutions for working with contracts, orders and invoices in Teams.
  • Secure digital workflows with SharePoint eSignature.

Extensive AI capabilities

  • File translation services and Stream video.
  • Autofill columns, PII detection, multilabel classification and editing.

Integration with Microsoft Graph APIs

  • Document processing and content assembly for custom apps.

SharePoint Premium extensions

  • Data Access Governance (DAG) insights and Site Access Reviews.
  • Restricted Access Control Policy for Sensitive Sites.

Archiving and Backup

  • Microsoft 365 Archive for managing storage costs.
  • Microsoft 365 Backup for protection against disasters such as ransomware attacks.

Licensing Models

  • Content processing services and content management available on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • New capabilities such as the Business Documents app and enhanced file viewer available as seat-based services in 2024.

SharePoint Premium marks a major step forward in AI-driven content management, enabling organizations to more effectively manage and secure their content while improving productivity and collaboration.

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