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December 08, 2023

Optimize SharePoint storage costs in Microsoft 365

Controlling and optimizing SharePoint storage costs in Microsoft 365 is a critical task, given the continued growth of data and the added cost of additional storage. This requires thoughtful strategies and solutions to not only manage data growth, but also to effectively minimize SharePoint storage costs.

Data Growth and Storage Management

Organizations produce and store huge amounts of data, leading to rapid growth of Microsoft 365 Groups, Teams, OneDrive files and SharePoint storage.

Unexpected Costs

Without proactive management tools, this data growth leads to unexpected costs due to the need for additional SharePoint storage.

Storage Shortages and Their Impact

Reaching the storage limit can lead to locking the tenant, which is essential to avoid.

The Importance of Timely Information

Storage shortages are difficult to prevent without timely information and warnings.

ALTA-ICT’s Governance Microsoft 365 solution

Centralized Overview and Control

Our solution provides a centralized view of SharePoint storage usage, allowing you to be proactive.

Storage threshold warnings

Set specific storage thresholds and receive alerts for timely action.

site storage usage

Storage cleaning

Discover old and unnecessary file versions and delete them to free up storage space.

file version cleanup

Advantages of the ALTA ICT solution

Centralized Insight

Get a clear overview of storage consumption down to the file level.

Proactive Storage Management

Anticipate and proactively prevent storage problems.

Accurate Insight

Understand what takes up the most space and identify unusual storage spikes.

Budget Optimization

Identify cost-effective storage management and cleaning opportunities.


With ALTA-ICT’s Governance Microsoft 365 solution, you gain complete control over your SharePoint storage, resulting in more efficient and cost-effective management. Contact ALTA-ICT for a customized solution that optimizes your SharePoint storage costs and takes your organization to the next level.

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