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December 07, 2023

How To Use Microsoft 365 Copilot In The Right Way

Microsoft 365 Copilot, a pioneering generative AI tool from Microsoft, plays a critical role in improving productivity and work performance. Using this tool effectively is essential for many organizations and requires proper implementation, configuration and strategy.

Overview of Microsoft 365 Copilot

M365 Copilot differentiates itself from other Microsoft “Copilot” solutions by adding generative AI capabilities to Microsoft 365 apps such as Word, Outlook and Teams. It integrates Microsoft 365 security, identity, privacy and compliance policies and provides real-time intelligent assistance through a combination of LLMs, pre-trained models and content in Microsoft Graph.

Getting Started with M365 Copilot

Using M365 Copilot requires a $30 license per user per month, plus an existing Microsoft 365 license. Users also need Microsoft Entra ID, OneDrive accounts, Outlook accounts, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Loop and Microsoft Whiteboard.

M365 Copilot in Different Apps

M365 Copilot customizes its functionality for specific applications within the Microsoft 365 apps, such as:

  • Word: Helps users efficiently and creatively transform content, including creating new documents and revealing changes in collaborative documents.
  • PowerPoint: Transforms written documents into presentations, integrates with DALL-E to generate graphics, and provides options for customizing layouts and animations.
  • Excel: Analyzes and understands data, suggests new formulas and provides “what-if” scenarios.
  • Outlook: Helps users manage their inbox and facilitate quick communication with message suggestions.
  • Teams: Provides summaries of conversations, organizes key discussion points and actions, and identifies individuals for follow-up.
  • Whiteboard: Helps start and improve the ideation process and visualizes talking points in Teams meetings.
  • Microsoft Loop: Facilitates collaboration between AI and humans, supports creating and sharing prompts, and organizes projects and meeting recaps.
  • OneNote: Helps users plan, organize and manage their content.

Microsoft 365 Chat and Intelligent Search

Microsoft 365 Chat combines the power of LLMs with the Internet for productivity enhancement, while Intelligent Search allows you to search your full set of Dataverse apps with natural language prompts.

Power Platform and Graph Connectors

Companies can use Copilot to get real-time data from critical applications through Microsoft 365 Power Platform and connect external data sources to Microsoft Graph.

Tips for Success with Microsoft 365 Copilot

Some crucial tips for using M365 Copilot effectively are:

  1. Using Prompts Effectively: It is important to give Copilot detailed context and parameters for best results.
  2. Encourage Adoption: Train your teams and share relevant information to ensure a smooth transition to using AI tools.
  3. Copilot Personalization: Customize your Copilot to your specific business cases and scenarios with Copilot Studio.
  4. Keeping Copilot Secure: Ensure appropriate levels of security and train your team members in the secure use of Microsoft 365.
  5. Understand the Limitations of Copilot: Be aware of the limitations of AI and check the accuracy of responses.


M365 Copilot has the potential to transform the way teams work by streamlining tasks and fostering creativity. Proper implementation and use of Copilot in the various Microsoft 365 apps is crucial to realizing these benefits.

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