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July 15, 2021

Microsoft’s Teams gets a new music mode on desktops

  • Microsoft is still not done perfecting Teams and the overall communication experience.
  • After adding so many new features, the tech company doesn’t take a break and adds another.
  • A new music mode is added to teams. to improve the quality of the music during conversations and meetings.
  • This new music feature is optional and comes to desktop platforms like Windows 10, Windows 11, and macOS.

In addition to now working at full capacity to cast the new operating system in its final form, Microsoft is also constantly adjusting the Teams experience.

In fact, Teams should be one of Microsoft’s trademark apps that has received the most upgrades and new additions of all.

Recently, Redmond’s technology company also received some backlash from its competitors, as they decided to bundle Teams with Windows 11.

New Music Mode feature for Teams desktop users

After all the new features they’ve already added to Teams, the tech company is about to roll out a music mode for this application.

According to them, this feature should improve the quality of music during conversations and meetings, while using Microsoft Teams.

To be precise, in music mode, Teams automatically adjusts the audio bit rate.

In music mode, we support mono audio with a sampling frequency of up to 32 kHz at 128 kbps and optimize our internal audio processing settings for reproducing music with hi-fi. Teams automatically adjust the audio bitrate based on the available bandwidth, up to 48 kbps, and still deliver good music quality. We also offer users the option to disable components such as echo suppression, noise cancellation and amplification control if necessary. To take advantage of this improved reliability, professional microphones and headphones or high-quality external speakers are ideal (not Bluetooth headsets). Built-in microphones and speakers on laptops like the Surface Book also make for a good experience.

Keep in the knowledge that the Teams music feature is optional and comes to desktop platforms like Windows 10, Windows 11, and macOS.

With this music mode, the tech giant wants to optimize the system’s audio processing settings to enable hi-fi audio, as the roadmap update indicates.

So if you have a high-speed Internet connection, of course, you can expect better quality.

Microsoft also doubles down and claims to be can automatically adjust audio quality and also deliver good music quality at 48 kbps.

Also, keep in mind that the noise cancellation feature is only available for Windows, as the macOS update has been delayed and is expected to appear later this month.

Now that you’ve heard about this new music feature, you don’t have to start blowing a fortune on some high-end speakers. According to Microsoft, the speakers in devices like Surface Book are enough for music mode.

More and more to get excited about when you use this Microsoft communication app. And, as the company promised, Teams will receive even more new features in the coming months.

Taking advantage of the Teams app on Windows 11 properly can be tricky for new users, so you might want to check out a simple guide first.

Source: windowsreport

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