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November 16, 2023

Microsoft Teams Telephony: Future-proof Business Telephony

In today’s mobile age, a robust phone system is essential for organizations. Microsoft Teams Telephony provides the ability to reach employees from any location, which is crucial for modern businesses.

What is a VoIP environment?

VoIP, or calling over the Internet, is the basis of Teams Telephony. This provides organizations with a modern VoIP environment that is fully customizable to their needs.

Teams Telephony as a VoIP solution

All VoIP solutions have the same goal: telephone accessibility via the Internet. Teams Telephony stands out for its reliability, ease of use and seamless integration with the current Microsoft Teams platform.

Why Choose Teams Telephony

Teams Telephony offers a unique integrated platform for both internal and external communications. This is in contrast to other VoIP solutions that often require a separate platform, leading to lack of central integration in the IT environment.

Reliability and Usability

Microsoft Teams Telephony is an extension of the Microsoft 365 platform, providing a robust and secure solution. It integrates seamlessly into the existing Microsoft Teams environment, which enhances usability.

Flexibility and Special Options of Microsoft Teams Telephony

Teams Telephony offers significant flexibility and customization options for organizations, such as setting incoming call options and creating dedicated groups for multiple employees.

Implementation and Ease of Use

Using Teams Telephony is simple and intuitive, with the ability to make calls through the Microsoft Teams app. This ensures optimal accessibility, even on the road.

Reachability for External Persons

With Teams Telephony, each employee is given a direct number, allowing external contacts to reach the right person immediately. Common numbers with dial menus can also be set up for efficient handling of customer calls.

ALTA-ICT: Your Partner for Microsoft Teams Telephony

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