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May 19, 2021

Microsoft Teams supports custom-made Together Mode scenes for more fun meetings

Together mode for Microsoft Teams is about to become much more customizable.

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Teams will soon support custom scenes for Together mode.
  • You can use these scenes to increase immersion in video calls and meetings.
  • The feature could be released as early as June 2021.

Last year, Microsoft announced a new Together mode for its Teams collaboration platform. While the feature is great for virtual meetings, users can’t upload custom backgrounds and can only choose the preset background options available in the Teams library.

In a recent update to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, the software giant said it plans to add support for custom Together Mode scenes in June 2021. This update allows developers to create their own ‘immersive’ meeting scenes. “Build your own scenes that take your meeting experience to the next level. We believe that by expanding Together mode, creators can create immersive scenes and users can go beyond simple video conferencing. Started building your scenes by going to the Developer Portal for Microsoft Teams, “the company explained on the Microsoft 365 roadmap.

The Together mode feature aims to make meetings more engaging by enabling people to connect and collaborate in the same virtual meeting room, such as a coffee shop or meeting room. The company says the addition of custom Together Mode scenes for meetings will further enhance the user experience by making it more fun and interactive for Teams users. In case you missed it, the app will also add support for apps in remote meetings and chats next month.

Source: unmsft

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