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November 10, 2023

Microsoft Defender’s Security Update

Protecting your network from malicious activity and hacking is a top priority for any IT professional. Microsoft Defender’s latest security update for Endpoint makes cybersecurity easier and more effective. Find out what the Microsoft Defender security upgrade entails and how it can affect your business.

The Devastating Impact of Cyber Attacks

For many business owners, running their business is challenging enough without the threat of cyber attacks. It is essential to always remain vigilant against bad actors who want to steal sensitive information or disrupt your network. Hackers are finding more and more ways to inflict damage in the digital age through malware, phishing attacks, ransomware and more.

Becoming a victim of a cyberattack means facing:

  • Widespread data breaches
  • Possible identity theft
  • Financial loss
  • Prolonged business interruptions
  • Loss of customer loyalty

Endpoint security programs, such as Microsoft Defender, help business leaders stop cyberattacks. These platforms combine all cybersecurity and privacy controls in one dashboard.

Highlights of Microsoft Defender’s Security Update

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint has impressive security features in its new update. Some notable new features include:

  • ‘Contain User’ Tool: This feature blocks access to accounts with suspicious activity and cuts off all endpoints and resources if found to be a cybercriminal.
  • Block All Traffic: Defender for Endpoint automatically blocks suspicious traffic, preventing malicious users from causing further damage.

This update, available in the latest version of Windows, sends a signal to various workloads, including SaaS applications, emails and endpoints. This automatically disrupts possible attacks in their earliest stages.

Implement New Security Updates to Protect Your Business

By installing Microsoft Defender’s security update, you protect your business from cybercriminals in real time. Contact our technology experts to learn more about updates that can protect your organization from hackers.

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