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June 11, 2021

Microsoft 365 customers get a handy new tool at no extra cost

Lightweight Visio app will soon be available to Microsoft 365 users

Microsoft has announced that it will create a lightweight version of its Visio diagram software for Microsoft 365 so users can quickly create and visualize their business processes, data, and more.

Visio has long been available as a standalone app that users who need to create complicated diagrams can purchase through a subscription or as a one-time purchase. However, due to its specialized nature, the software is quite expensive if purchased for € 439 for Visio Standard 2019 and € 809 for Visio Professional 2019.

Fortunately, Microsoft’s visio plans are much more affordable at €4.20 per user per month for Visio plan 1 and €12.60 per user per month for Visio plan 2,which also includes additional integrations with Microsoft 365.

Now, however, in a new blog post, the software giant has announced its decision to make a lightweight version of Visio completely free for all Microsoft 365 subscribers to be rolled out in July this year.

Create diagrams with Visio

Microsoft’s upcoming Visio app for Microsoft 365 allows users to create diagrams by choosing from a variety of templates directly from Office Online. The web app offers many popular chart templates, including basic flowcharts and process diagrams that allow users to get started quickly.

There will also be seamless integration with Microsoft’s other products, including Microsoft Teams, so Microsoft 365 users can collaborate on diagrams and share them during video conferencing. Diagrams can even be exported as JPEG or PNG image files and added to Word documents or PowerPoint presentations.

If you use Visio with Excel, you can also visualize a large amount of data to quickly understand it.

Source: Techradar

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