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February 10, 2024

Latest Updates from Copilot for Microsoft 365

In the dynamic world of technology and software, staying on top of the latest updates and improvements is essential. Microsoft 365 Copilot, your digital assistant for creativity and productivity, has recently undergone some exciting updates. These updates are designed to streamline your work process, from creating new ideas to improving connections and boosting your productivity. Let’s dive into Copilot’s innovations together and discover how they can transform your workday.  

January Updates: New Functionalities

Reuse a Formatted Table in Word

Have you ever created a perfectly formatted table and wished you could use it again? Copilot now makes this possible. With just a few clicks, you can create a new table with the same formatting as your existing tables in Word documents.

Try it yourself: select the Copilot icon and choose “Visualize as a table.

Email Coaching in Outlook

In the complex world of e-mail communication, it can be challenging to find the right tone and clarity. Copilot now offers coaching while drafting your emails, suggesting tone, clarity and reader sentiment analysis. This feature is now available in classic Outlook for Windows. Try it yourself: choose the Copilot icon and select “Coaching by Copilot.

Visualize Your Data in Excel

Presenting data visually can tell a story that numbers alone cannot. Ask Copilot to create a compelling graph that visually represents your data.

Try this prompt: “Create a graph showing the profit margin for each product category for the past three years.”

Summary of Your Notes in OneNote

Take notes with the audio recording and transcription feature and ask Copilot to summarize and arrange the information as desired.

Try this prompt: “Summarize the notes on this page. Arrange the information chronologically in bullet points.”

Opt-out for Recording or Transcribing a Meeting in Teams

Available to Enterprise users. Use Copilot during your meeting, even if it is not recorded or transcribed.

Try it for yourself: open Copilot from the meeting options.

Information Merge

Available to Enterprise users. Ask Copilot to combine content from different documents into one new document.

Try this prompt: “Review [doc1] and [doc2], identify 3-4 common themes and combine them into a new document.”

Improvements Based on Your Feedback

Based on valuable user feedback, Copilot now has a feature where you can search for files with the “/” function. This makes finding files within PowerPoint and other Microsoft 365 applications even easier and more intuitive.

In conclusion

These updates highlight Microsoft’s commitment to improving the user experience and increasing productivity through technology. Copilot for Microsoft 365 remains an essential tool for professionals striving for efficiency, creativity and connectivity in their work. Try the new features today and experience for yourself how Copilot can take your work to the next level.

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