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July 13, 2020

How do I use Insights in Teams?

Class Insights Dashboard

Use insights in Teams to analyze how your team communicates.

Class insights
Class Insights allows educators to see and understand student engagement using intelligent data analysis. You can see grades and track engagement in meetings, communications, and assignments from the entire class or an individual student. Generally available, with a new and improved dashboard to boost student outcomes, comes this fall. Use insights in Teams to analyze how your team communicates.

Class-Insights Dashboard-in-Microsoft-Teams

Explore your Class Insights dashboard

The class dashboard contains five different categories of your students’ Teams activity: digital activity, average grade, timely assignments, average feedback time, and communication activities. Use the tiles for a quick look at current averages in each category. Select a tile to see a more in-depth chart of the data in that category.

Class Insights data tiles

You can filter the data in each of these categories: by student (all students or an individual student) and/or by time period (always, 30 days, 7 days, today or specific day).

If you filter for an individual student, the averages in each of the tiles change to reflect that student’s data.

Source: Microsoft Support.

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