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January 06, 2024

External User Access Management in Microsoft 365 with ALTA-ICT

In the flexible collaboration environment of Microsoft 365, there is often uncertainty about user access and permissions. This can lead to unauthorized sharing of sensitive information and challenges in managing external access to confidential data. External User Access Management

The Problem of Unmanaged External Accounts

External users can access internal resources in several ways, including direct access through external user accounts and through external share links. This poses significant data security risks, especially when such accesses remain unmanaged and uncontrolled after projects are completed.

ALTA-ICT’s Solution

To meet these challenges, ALTA-ICT offers a robust Governance solution. Our tool provides a complete overview of both internal and external user actions across SharePoint Online, Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups and OneDrive. Users, members, guest users and part links can be added or removed with a single click, while the permission levels of external users and access providers become transparent.

Benefits of ALTA-ICT’s Governance Tool.

  • Visibility of external users accessing specific SharePoint sites.
  • Quickly identify groups and teams with guest users.
  • Report on external users accessing specific parts of the tenant.
  • Generate a list of all anonymous partial links within the entire Teams environment.
  • Automatic assessment of external sharing and guest users.
  • Generate an audit trail of external users’ activities.

Protection of Sensitive Data

With ALTA-ICT’s solution, organizations can continuously monitor who has access to their sensitive data in Microsoft 365, and ensure compliance. This strengthens the overall security and integrity of the IT environment.


ALTA-ICT’s remote user access management solution provides an essential layer of security and management for organizations using Microsoft 365. It enables them to proactively secure their digital environment and meet compliance requirements. Contact ALTA-ICT for a customized governance strategy that’s right for your organization.

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