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April 13, 2021

Electronically signed approvals will soon make their way to Microsoft Teams

Collaboration software has been extremely important over the past year for companies navigating their way through pandemic and work-from-home policies. To meet increasing business requirements, Microsoft has regularly updated Teams and added new features to increase productivity. Now the company is streamlining workflows by integrating electronic signature capabilities directly into the Approvals app on Teams.

In late April, Microsoft plans to roll out a new capability in the Approvals app, where users can select third-party providers such as Adobe Sign and DocuSign to create electronic signatures for approval requests as a formal attestation. Once a request is submitted, internal approvers receive a notification and email within Teams to approve the request, while external approvers receive an email. Audit trails for all these activities are automatically generated and stored in Teams.

To further streamline workflows, Microsoft will also release templates for common approval documents such as overtime and expense reports. Admins and team owners can create, customize, and deploy new templates. This feature is rolling out this month.

New features now available include the ability to add file attachments, markdown support, and inline buttons to accept or decline requests from the channel or notifications without having to review the request’s details.

Source: neowin

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