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May 31, 2024

Discover Copilot’s Latest Updates for Microsoft 365

Discover new ways Microsoft Copilot can increase your productivity and improve the quality of your work. In this May edition, we explain how Copilot’s AI helps you revisit previous chats, use local files when writing prompts, unblock Excel tasks, create useful summaries in Word, and get transcripts for videos on Stream. 📈💡

updates copilot for microsoft 365

Key Updates and Features 📅

  1. View previous queries with chat history in Microsoft Copilot 💬
    • Have you ever wished you could open or continue a previous chat? With the chat history in Copilot, this is now possible.
    • Copilot stores your chats for 30 days (you can delete them at any time) while monitoring your commercial data.
    • Select the icon in the upper right corner of the Copilot page and select “Copilot chats” to view the list.
  2. Use files stored on your desktop in your prompts in Microsoft Copilot 🖥️
    • The range of data Copilot can access has been expanded.
    • When you write a prompt, Copilot can now display files on your device in addition to those stored on SharePoint and OneDrive.
  3. Chat with Copilot for Excel to unblock Excel tasks 📊
    • Getting stuck with a task in Excel? Ask Copilot for help!
    • Copilot can help you with:
      • Simplifying formulas: “Simplify this formula [formule]”
      • Formula suggestions: “What formula do I need for [taak]”
      • Chart adjustments: “How do I change labels on a bar chart?”
      • List management: “How to create a drop-down list”
  4. Reduce cognitive overload with file summaries in Word 📄
    • When you share a document from Word for the Web, you can ask Copilot to insert a file summary.
    • This summary helps recipients understand the content faster.
    • Select “Insert file summary with Copilot” when sharing.
  5. Create quick summaries and analysis of videos in Stream 🎥.
    • Copilot in Microsoft Stream can summarize videos with a transcript or answer in-depth questions on specific topics.
    • Ask Copilot to:
      • “Make a summary of the meeting”
      • “Display action items”
      • “List the sections where [onderwerp] is discussed”

Improvements Based on Your Feedback 🌟

  1. Copilot is now available in Microsoft Outlook 📧
    • You can now access Copilot in Microsoft Outlook directly from the navigation bar.
    • This allows you to write prompts and search your e-mail without leaving Outlook.
  2. Notifications for meeting participants in Microsoft Teams 📢
    • At meetings where Copilot is enabled, a banner appears informing participants that AI is being used.
    • This provides more transparency during your meetings.

Popular Prompts to Save Time ⏳

  • Organizing emails: “What should I see from last week’s emails?” 📧
  • Structuring presentations: “Organize this presentation into sections” 📊

Try it out! 🚀

Take advantage of the power of AI on the go! Download the Microsoft Copilot mobile app and sign up with your work account today. 📱

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updates copilot voor microsoft 365