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May 15, 2024

Choose the Right Power BI License: A Comparison

When implementing Power BI within your organization, choosing the right license is essential to both managing costs and ensuring the functionality you need. In this blog, we take a look at the Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium PPU licenses, and when you should choose each. πŸ“Š

Power BI Pro: Perfect for Basic Needs πŸš€

  • User-oriented: Power BI Pro is ideal if you are looking for a solution geared toward individual users or small teams within the organization.
  • Licensing: Each member of the team must have a Pro license to create, share and consume reports.
  • Access: Users with this license can view reports shared within the organization, or via an app with read-only access within Premium capabilities.
  • Cost-effective: This license is an economical choice if your team’s basic requirements allow it.

Power BI Premium: Extensive Capabilities and Scalability 🌐

  • Enterprise-focused: Power BI Premium is designed for larger organizations that need a wide range of BI capabilities.
  • Flexible access: The Premium PPU license also allows non-licensees to view reports, provided they have been published within the Premium capacity.
  • Larger data sets: premium users enjoy more data capacity and faster processing, which is essential for larger data sets.
  • Advanced security and administration: Provides more comprehensive monitoring and security options, ideal for sensitive data and compliance requirements.

Conclusion βœ…

The choice between Power BI Pro and Premium depends heavily on your organizational needs and the scale at which you wish to use Power BI. For smaller teams or basic reporting, Power BI Pro is often sufficient. However, for larger organizations or advanced BI needs, the Premium license is the better option because of its more extensive capabilities and accessibility options.

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