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November 19, 2023

Azure Bastion: A Safer Alternative to Traditional RDP

In the modern cloud-based IT environment, secure and efficient access to virtual machines (VMs) is crucial. Azure Bastion offers a solution that is both secure and easy to use, providing an alternative to traditional Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) methods.

What is Azure Bastion?

Azure Bastion is a fully managed Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that provides secure RDP and SSH connectivity for VMs in Azure without the need for a public IP address. It connects via a private IP address and provides seamless access over TLS directly from the Azure portal or via the native SSH or RDP client on your local computer.

Key Benefits of Azure Bastion:

  1. Secure and Seamless Access:
    • Direct one-click access to RDP and SSH sessions through the Azure portal.
    • Sessions over TLS on port 443 for more secure firewall traversal.
  2. No Public IP Addresses Required:
    • No need for public IP addresses on Azure VMs, improving security.
  3. Simple Management of Network Security Groups (NSGs):
    • No complex NSG management required because Bastion connects via private IPs.
  4. Fully Managed Service:
    • As a PaaS solution, Bastion does not require separate management or hardening of the Bastion host.
  5. Protection Against Port Scanning and Zero-Day Exploits:
    • Protects VMs from portscans and exploits, and always stays up-to-date.

Why Azure Bastion is Better than Traditional RDP

  • Bastion provides a higher level of security by avoiding the need to open RDP/SSH ports to the outside world.
  • It eliminates the need for complex VPN setups or exposing VMs directly to the Internet.
  • Its seamless integration with Azure and ease of management make it a more efficient and secure choice for remote access.


Azure Bastion offers a significantly more secure and user-friendly alternative to traditional RDP. It allows organizations to protect their virtual machines from external threats while still providing easy access to their users. With its comprehensive security features and easy implementation, Bastion is an excellent choice for any organization looking to secure its cloud infrastructure.

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