Security and Back-Up

Microsoft 365 Backup & Restore

Where Microsoft itself does not offer perfect coverage, we give you the opportunity to all critical content to protect and restore. This way you are not only protected in case of hardware failure. But also with errors by users, hacks and much more.

Why do I need a backup of Microsoft 365?

As a Microsoft 365 user, you probably automatically assume that any data you store in the cloud is backed up by default. And it is indeed true that there are a number of options that Microsoft offers, but these only provide temporary retention. This is the case, for example, with your recycle bin settings, your retention periods and version management. However, if you want an automatic Microsoft 365 backup, you would have to do this yourself.

While enabling retention and versioning can help preserve critical files and email, you are still responsible for additional data protection scenarios. Without the right backup plan, data recovery can be very expensive or even impossible!

Microsoft native backup protection:
  • Hardware or infrastructure failure
  • Natural disasters or data center outages
  • Short term user error
  • Short-term administrative error
Not covered by default
  • Malicious employees, hacktivists, malware or ransomware
  • Loss of data due to deleted employees/accounts
  • Accidentally remove long-term cover with selective rollback

Retrieve data without full recovery

Do you know what you need in return? Just send us the file properties, such as content type, owner, creation date, file size, parent list or folder name, email subject, sent date and more. We’ll get your content back in no time, without restoring the entire system – even if .zip or PST on your file system!

Visibility and control over protected content

We provide on-demand reporting to prove we’ve got you covered. Whether you want access to a simple dashboard for instant security insights or detailed job reports, we can help. Take advantage of built-in Azure storage, bring your own or let us keep your data – whatever you choose, you’re in complete control!

Long-term coverage

So Office 365 has a few short-term restore options, such as the Recycle Bin and soft delete. However, support is limited (lists and list items, permissions, metadata, uncustomized recoveries, and more) and does not include long-term recoveries. Without the right backup plan, data recovery can be difficult or impossible. We offer cloud backup plans that make you feel confident in your cloud!

The differences between retention periods and making a backup

You would think that a retention period is in fact the same as making a backup, but this is not the case. You have a backup made, while you can set the retention periods yourself within Microsoft 365. There is an important difference between these two, which we will explain below.

A backup ensures that all your data can be recovered if it is lost. This can happen due to a malfunction or because you have accidentally deleted the data, but also due to an attack or a hack. All files within Microsoft 365 cannot be recovered with the resources that Office provides you when they are completely deleted.

Microsoft 365 has retention periods because it is required by certain legal retention periods. This is necessary, for example, when you process personal data that must be kept longer. It is, as it were, a safety net that ensures that all your data is stored over several phases, but can also be stored longer. All this so that there is less chance that data will be lost.


Take control of your Microsoft 365 cloud sprawl

Let’s face it: governance of all cloud documents can sometimes be tricky.

collecting and merging data across multiple services is difficult
processing the data for valuable insights and reports is complex
solving problems and enforcing governance is still thoroughly manual

Governance is here to help!
Governance offers you maximum flexibility and efficiency in your management approach for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Azure and Power Platform. Monitor end-user activity, discover deviations from best practices and your organization’s policies, and automate remediation.

By using our governance application, you gain insight into:

Visualization of all achievements among themselves and per team
Simplifying online project management
Remain in control of all documents, for example when transferring when an employee moves to another department.

With a governance plan, everyone in the organization knows what roles and responsibilities there are around the use of Microsoft 365 applications. This contributes to a manageable, reliable and safe new workplace.

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