Microsoft 365 Management

Microsoft 365 is integral to the modern workplace but because Office is so often needed it is also often put to the test. Not only is it a lot of work, but a lot is also expected of it. For example, think of reliability and security, but also integration and, of course, ease of use.

On top of that, Microsoft is constantly expanding the functionalities. All this naturally requires good management, but also specific expertise and maintenance.

Outsource the management

If you want to have the perfect Microsoft 365 environment, it is important that the configuration is all right. Because the Office environment is constantly changing, management is quite complex. Only one setting has to be wrong to ensure security, availability, functionality and performance risks.

In addition, calamities are difficult to predict and solving them is only possible with broad technical knowledge. As an administrator, you are forced to provide support on the latest versions, but you also have to be aware of all changes.

Why have your Microsoft 365 environment managed?

When you outsource the management, you can ensure that everyone can get started quickly and also have all the necessary apps at their disposal. This also includes setting permissions and optimizing the environment, as well as ensuring a secure environment.

The advantage here is that it is easy to manage online. the moment there is a problem, it can be solved quickly and easily and if you can’t figure out something, it can be looked into with you.

Price indication

We offer management in Service Level Agreement (SLA) form – Customized Contract.

Indicative rate because we always provide a tailor-made proposal.

Up to ten employees

per month €399,-

For additional work 120 euros per hour.

11-50 employees

per month €999,-

For additional work 120 euros per hour.

+50 employees

Only on request including Recruitment and selection

We will then appoint a dedicated professional for your project

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