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August 10, 2023

Windows 365 vs. AVD: Which Choice Suits Your Business?

In the dynamic world of virtual desktops, Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365 are two prominent choices that organizations are considering. When selecting the right solution, it is essential to consider cost, flexibility and ease of use. In this guide, we explore these aspects in depth to help you make the optimal choice for your organization.

Key Points:

  • Windows 365 offers easier installation and management than Azure Virtual Desktop, ideal for SMBs with basic needs.
  • Azure Virtual Desktop is more flexible and has more extensive capabilities, suitable for enterprises with specific requirements.
  • Both solutions have similar costs; therefore, the choice should be based on business needs rather than price.
  • AVD depends on Azure consumption, while W365 has a fixed price per user.

What are Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop?

Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop are Microsoft’s toppers in the world of virtual desktops. Both provide remote access to desktop environments, but each has a unique approach and target audience.

Windows 365 provides an easy-to-use experience for businesses with immediate virtual desktop needs. AVD, on the other hand, is designed for flexibility and can handle complex requirements.

Cost of Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop

W365’s price is fixed, while AVD has flexible pricing based on Azure consumption. Depending on your usage, the cost of the two solutions may be similar. Your specific requirements and existing infrastructure determine the best choice.

What fits your business?

Your choice between W365 and AVD depends on your business needs:

  • Windows 365 Business: For SMBs without an existing infrastructure. Easy to set up, but limited to 300 users.
  • Azure Virtual Desktop: Offers more features and customization options. However, requires an existing Active Directory.
  • Windows 365 Enterprise: Requires an Active Directory with Hybrid Azure AD. A good choice if you are already using Intune.

Installation of Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop

Setting up W365 Business is simple: buy a license and assign it to a user. For W365 Enterprise, follow Microsoft’s instructions. AVD has a more extensive installation process and may require the help of an Azure specialist.


Both W365 and AVD offer strong solutions for virtual desktops. However, the choice should be based on your specific business needs and existing infrastructure. A thorough understanding of each platform will help you make the best decision for your organization. At ALTA-ICT, we understand these nuances and are happy to work with you to find the ideal solution for your needs. Contact us at for personalized advice.

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