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August 23, 2023

What does Microsoft Entra Verified Identity mean?

In today’s digital age, businesses increasingly rely on online interactions and transactions. As a result, security and reliability become essential factors for successful business operations. Given the increase in cyber threats and identity fraud, solid digital identity verification is crucial. Microsoft is therefore introducing the Microsoft Entra Verified ID, which provides a decentralized identity to users and exchanges data securely while maintaining privacy. In this article, we dive deeper into the world of Microsoft Entra Verified ID and how it helps businesses secure themselves.

What is Decentralized Identity?

Decentralized identity is an innovative approach that is changing the way individuals, organizations and devices communicate digitally. At the heart of this is a transparent and secure identity trust. Users have complete control over their digital identity and associated data. Unlike centralized systems, the decentralized approach provides protection for privacy and online interactions through a secure network, usually based on blockchain, distributed ledger technology or cryptography with public/private keys.

Why Choose Microsoft Entra Verified ID?

Microsoft Entra Verified ID offers numerous benefits that revolutionize corporate identity verification:

  • Allows companies to easily issue and accept verifiable credentials through their Microsoft Entra management portal.
  • Ability to customize verifiable credentials for individuals using ready-made templates or unique rules.
  • Validation of a Verified ID credential through their digital wallet.
  • Ability to revoke or suspend the active verified status of a credential if necessary.

Protect Your Identity with Microsoft Entra Verified ID through ALTA-ICT

Microsoft Entra Verified ID changes the rules of the game with its seamless issuance and acceptance of verifiable credentials. Thanks to its customization capabilities and privacy-oriented design, it can help companies increase trust and improve the user experience.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, ALTA-ICT can provide Microsoft Entra ID licenses and help you set up Microsoft Entra Verified ID according to your business needs at no additional cost. Get in touch with our Microsoft-certified cloud experts via our contact page.

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