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March 11, 2024

The New Planner in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has announced an exciting update for Teams users: the Planner in Teams is now available in Public Preview. This announcement, previously made at Microsoft Ignite in November, marks a significant step forward in how project management and collaboration are approached within Microsoft 365. πŸš€

The new Planner is not just an update; it is a revolutionary combination of simplicity, collaboration, expanded functionality, and AI-driven optimizations, all integrated into Microsoft Teams. Here’s a deeper dive into what this update entails:

Features of the New Planner πŸ“‹

  • Integrated Work Management Solution: According to Roberto Bojorquez Alfaro, Principal Group Program Manager at Microsoft, the new Planner combines the simplicity of To Do, the collaboration capabilities of the previous Planner, the holistic features of Project for the web, and the AI-powered turbocharger of Microsoft Copilot. This makes it a flexible, collaborative and AI-assisted work management solution that grows with you.
  • Revamped Performance and User Experience: The update brings a faster and more streamlined user experience. With simplified navigation divided into three main sections – My Day, My Tasks, and My Plans – navigating the app becomes a breeze.
  • Everything In One Place: With the new Planner, users can access all their tasks in one central place. This includes tasks from various sources such as Loop, Teams meeting notes, and highlighted emails, all accessible with intuitive filters and search functionality.
  • Advanced and Flexible Plans: Premium plans offer advanced features such as Sprint Planning, Goal View, Person View, Timeline View with dependencies, and Custom Fields. In addition, access to Copilot in Planner Preview makes it possible to refine tasks, identify work for project goals, and gain insights into project status.

Accessing the New Planner 🌐

The Public Preview of the new Planner is now available to Teams users whose organizations have Public Preview enabled and have a Microsoft 365 subscription with Planner. Users interested in the premium features can start a free trial or apply for a premium license.

Closure 🎯

This update promises to significantly change the way teams plan and manage their work, providing a more integrated, flexible and AI-supported approach. Whether managing individual projects or team initiatives, the new Planner in Teams is designed to increase your productivity and help you and your team navigate tasks and plans faster.

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