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December 12, 2023

The New AI-Driven Features of Microsoft Purview

In our digital and cloud-centric world, managing data is more complex than ever, with data now stored across multiple cloud environments, devices and on-premises solutions and accessed from multiple locations. This brings challenges for securing and managing this data, especially with the rise of generative AI applications. Microsoft Purview, an integrated data management solution, plays a crucial role in this.

Key Challenges and Solutions

  • Securing and Managing Diverse Data Types: Organizations need to secure and manage various types of data (structured, unstructured, and AI-generated) across multiple clouds and locations. This requires a simplified approach to data security, governance and compliance that covers the entire data landscape.
  • Fragmentation of Security Solutions: Many organizations use an average of 10 different solutions to secure their data landscape, leading to increased cost and complexity in both procurement and management.
  • New Features in Microsoft Purview: Microsoft Purview now offers comprehensive data protection, with AI-driven data classification technology, data maps, comprehensive audit logs and signals, and management tools.

MS Purview

Microsoft Purview’s AI-driven Innovations

  • Expanding Data Protection: Purview extends the sphere of protection across the entire data landscape, including structured and unstructured data types. This includes a unified platform for discovering, labeling and classifying data across different data sources.
  • Security for Generative AI Applications: Purview enables organizations to protect their data across all generative AI applications, with comprehensive visibility into the usage of these apps and extensive protection with off-the-shelf and customizable policies.
  • Supercharging Security and Compliance: Purview’s capabilities for Microsoft Security Copilot are now available in preview. These features strengthen security operations, data security and compliance teams through real-time analysis, summarization and natural language support.
  • New Communication Compliance Capabilities: Purview introduces advanced detection within Communication Compliance, allowing organizations to identify and flag high-risk communications, regardless of source.
  • Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention: New releases in Microsoft Purview Information Protection include advanced classification and labeling capabilities, while new capabilities in Data Loss Prevention provide comprehensive data protection.
  • Insider Risk Management and Adaptive Protection: These features detect critical data security risks generated by insiders across diverse digital landscapes and provide adaptive data protection from risk detection to response.

These latest announcements from Microsoft Purview are exciting additions to secure and manage your data in the age of AI, leaving you better equipped to meet the challenges of data security and management. Do you want to meet the requirements of CIS, NIS2, SOC2 or GDPR? Then consider implementing Microsoft Purview. For expert support and advice, contact ALTA-ICT. They can help you meet these important compliance standards.

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