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April 20, 2021

Microsoft Teams desktop app adds an option to lock ongoing meetings

Microsoft Teams on the desktop introduces a new option that allows organizers to lock down their ongoing meetings. The feature is currently marked “in development” on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, with a general release scheduled for May 2021.

Currently, with Microsoft Teams, organizers can manually admit participants to the meeting once it’s started. However, there is no option to prevent subsequent unwanted join attempts within the desktop app during a meeting. This situation can be extremely frustrating, especially in teaching scenarios, making it more difficult for teachers to keep up with late students.

lock the meeting in teams

The new “Lock the meeting” feature should help hosts by giving them more control over meetings, and it will allow them to lock an ongoing meeting at any time to prevent late attendees from joining. Users attempting to join the locked meeting via web, desktop, mobile, PSTN, and devices will be notified that the meeting will not allow new participants.

This new meeting management is ideal for teachers and it should definitely help them punish students who are consistently late for their online classes. The feature will roll out globally to all Teams desktop clients in mid-May, but it may take some time to roll out to all users. In case you missed it, Microsoft Teams is also getting an update that allows meeting organizers to set a time limit for breakout rooms.

Source: onmsft

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