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April 18, 2024

The Future of Authentication with Microsoft Entra ID Passkeys

In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, Microsoft is introducing an exciting new update for Entra ID, which will soon support device-bound passkeys. This development promises to revolutionize the way users authenticate. Let’s dive deeper into what device-bound passkeys are and how they can affect your organization.

What are Device-Bound Passkeys?

Device-bound passkeys are a specific type of FIDO2 Discoverable Credential tied to a single authenticator. This means that, like FIDO2 security keys, these passkeys cannot be moved from one device to another. They are also called single-device passkeys. This method is special because it provides phishing-resistant authentication, a crucial need in today’s digital environment.

Key Benefits of Device-Bound Passkeys

  • Phishing Resistance: These passkeys provide strong protection against phishing attacks because the authentication data never leaves the device.
  • Ease of use: Users can use their existing devices to authenticate without the need for additional hardware.

Implementation in your Organization

  • Preparing for Rollout: If your organization is already using FIDO2 security keys for authentication, it is time to prepare for this new technology.
  • Policy update: The policy on FIDO2 security methods in Entra ID will be expanded to support the use of passkeys.

Action Items

  1. Inform your IT team about the upcoming changes and make sure they are ready to support this new method.
  2. Plan a pilot program to test device-bound passkey integration within your organization.
  3. Update your security policies to include the new authentication methods.


The integration of device-bound passkeys into Microsoft Entra ID marks a major step forward in authentication technology. With the promise of improved security and ease of use, this is a development that every organization should seriously consider. Prepare your team for this change and make sure your systems are ready for a more secure future!

Be sure to stay on top of further updates and prepare your organization for a smooth transition to this new and more secure authentication method. 🛡️🔑

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