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December 29, 2022

The benefits of Microsoft Planner for your business

Microsoft Planner provides businesses with a visual way to track and manage projects and other work. Available on the Web and as a mobile app, Planner serves as a hub for all team members to organize tasks, while other members can view and access them.

Microsoft Planner is not your typical Kanban framework, but a framework built for collaboration and efficiency.

How should it be used for your business, and why?

Because Microsoft’s ecosystem usually works, Planner can be integrated into other Microsoft solutions. When planner is integrated, it becomes a complete organizational tool. Employees can share projects and tasks, discuss and organize assignments, and collaborate through a variety of communication methods. From chat, voice and video calls, Microsoft Planner makes it easy to keep in touch with colleagues at all times.

Here at ALTA-ICT, we not only use Planner for our business, but we also recommend it for yours. It helps employees manage to-do items and deliverables, unlike traditional project management tools that are meant to be managed by an expert and are less intuitive.

Accountability and productivity are two components of Planner that we love here at ALTA-ICT. Planner makes it easier for your staff to track their work and immediately see their tasks while being reminded of what they need to complete.

With Planner, there’s no more need to set reminders in Outlook, flip through pages of meeting notes to find due dates, or supervisors constantly reminding employees what needs to be done and when. Priority levels can be set on tasks to help employees understand what needs to be done immediately and what can wait.

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