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June 10, 2020

Team meeting with 49 visible attendees

Plan van Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams plans to re-expand gallery view for video calls, this time with Teams video to 49 visible participants, Microsoft confirmed to CRN USA.

That will expand Teams from the current maximum of nine visible participants. By going to a gallery view for 49 people, teams are also equated with the popular Zoom video conferencing app.

“Microsoft Teams’ roadmap does include increasing the number of people visible during a Team video call to 49,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in an email to CRN.

The statement followed a report in the Wall Street Journal

In which an upcoming expansion to 49 participants was mentioned at the same time for the video of Teams. The Microsoft spokesman and the Journal’s report did not provide a timetable for the increase.

Video calls on Teams currently have a 3×3 grid for simultaneously viewing nine participants, from the original maximum of four visible participants. The expansion to nine visible participants was launched for Teams users in May.

“We realize that 3×3 is a start, but not good enough,” a Microsoft representative posted on a Teams user feedback forum in May. “We’re continuing to work to include more videos and mobile support during a meeting.”

Teams – an Office 365 app with group chat and instant messaging, along with video and audio calls – has seen an explosive growth in usage due to a COVID-19 pandemic and a widespread shift to work-from-home.

Teams has surpassed more than 75 million daily active users

said Microsoft – an increase of 32 million daily active users on March 11. Solution providers have played a crucial role in enabling teams to deal with the huge wave of users in recent months, Microsoft and solution provider executives have told CRN.

Individual windows for meetings and calls

Meanwhile, Microsoft has said it will soon handle another wish list item for many Teams users by enabling separate meeting and call windows in the collaboration app. Teams currently restrict users to using one window at a time in the app.

But “multi-window experiences” will be introduced in Teams meetings and conversations this month, the company says on the Microsoft 365 Roadmap page.

Source: CRN

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