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November 08, 2020

Support for multiple work accounts in Microsoft Teams is in the development phase, Microsoft confirms.

There were rumors that Microsoft would add support for multiple accounts to Microsoft Teams for desktop, the company’s fastest-growing collaboration tool. Microsoft later clarified, saying that “we add support within Teams desktop to add one personal account and one work/school account, change their profile picture, and switch between accounts and organizations through Settings.”

The clarification disappointed many Teams users, as support for multiple work accounts is one of the most requested features. But Microsoft doesn’t abandon the idea, in fact support for multiple work accounts is something the company is currently working on, as confirmed by Microsoft on the Teams User Voice page. However, Microsoft will first start supporting 1 work/school account and 1 personal account, and support for multiple work accounts will come later.

According to Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley, support for multiple work accounts will come to the Microsoft Teams mobile app next year, although she hasn’t given us an exact date either. Unfortunately, we don’t know if Microsoft will add the feature to both the Teams mobile apps and the Teams desktop clients on the same day. Either way, support for multiple work accounts in Teams will make many users happy.

Multi-account support allows you to switch between multiple different Microsoft Teams accounts. Switching between accounts is also available in Zoom, one of Teams’ biggest competitors. And now that Microsoft is working on it, you may finally have a good reason to leave Zoom.

Source: mspoweruser

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