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February 12, 2024

Boost Microsoft 365 with ALTA-ICT’s Governance

In the dynamic landscape of modern workplace technologies, the need for robust governance and security mechanisms is ever increasing. With the exponential growth of data and the undeniable value it represents for organizations, it is essential to have the right tools and processes in place to effectively manage and protect this information. In this context, ALTA-ICT introduces an advanced Governance Solution specifically designed to meet the complex requirements of information management within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

The Importance of Information Management

Information Governance (IG) is a fundamental pillar within any organization, focused on the systematic collection, organization, use, capture and storage of information. This process is crucial not only for the internal functioning of an organization, but also for compliance with external regulations. IG frameworks enable organizations to align their data strategy with both internal policies and external regulatory requirements, ensuring the integrity and security of corporate data.

Retention Policy and Labels

A key element of our Governance Solution is retention policies and associated labels. These allow organizations to assign specific retention periods and actions (such as retain or delete) to different types of content within Office 365. Users can manually assign a label to an item, while administrators can associate labels with policies for automatic application. This provides a flexible yet structured approach to managing the lifecycle of enterprise data.

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ALTA-ICT’s Governance Solution offers two main types of policies:

  • Label policy: focused on defining a set of retention labels and determining the locations where these labels are available.
  • Retention policy: provides broader reach by applying the same retention settings to all items within a specific location or multiple locations.

Records Management

Records Management (RM) plays a crucial role in managing information throughout its life cycle, from creation to final disposal. Through retention labels, content within Office 365 can be marked as a record (locked or unlocked) or as a regulatory record, allowing further control and management. These labels can be applied either manually by users or automatically by administrators, depending on the policies set.

Tasks for administrators in controlling access rights

When reviewing access rights, administrators of ALTA-ICT’s Governance Solution can define access rights control settings, decide which resources to review, and monitor access rights control progress. To monitor control progress, Governance Solution administrators can use the Governance Dashboard by selecting it from the home screen.

Lifecycle management overview

Here you can see scheduled access rights checks, manually requested checks, number of completed check tasks and more.

Electronic Discovery

Another important function of our Governance Solution is support for electronic discovery (eDiscovery), which is essential for locating information within the organization, often in the context of legal proceedings. This feature enables the collection, retention, review and exchange of data, allowing organizations to effectively respond to legal requests and investigations.


ALTA-ICT’s Governance Solution for Office 365 provides a comprehensive framework for effective information management within enterprises. With advanced features for retention policies, document management and eDiscovery, our solution helps organizations strengthen their data management, comply with regulatory requirements and ensure the integrity and security of critical business data. In a world where data has become indispensable, our solution ensures that it is carefully managed and protected. We invite interested parties to contact ALTA-ICT for an introductory discussion and to discover how our Governance Solution can support your organization.

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