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November 17, 2023

Risks of Google Chrome in Organizations: A Warning

Using Google Chrome in businesses can sometimes pose unexpected security risks. Here is a simple example to show how this can happen and what you can do about it.

A Real Example: Risks with Google Chrome

Imagine an employee in a company using Google Chrome instead of the recommended browser Microsoft Edge. This person logs into Chrome with their personal Google account. What is happening? All passwords, even company passwords, are stored in this personal account. This means that important business information ends up outside company walls.

Unfortunately, this personal account was not properly secured. It was hacked and suddenly the hacker had access to all these company passwords. The hacker did not even have to penetrate the corporate network; hacking this personal account was enough.

Why Microsoft Edge Is a Safer Choice

If the employee had used Microsoft Edge, the company could have better controlled security. In fact, Edge uses corporate accounts, which makes it easier to apply security rules.

How To Avoid This?

Here are a few solutions:

Allow Chrome, but Block Account Synchronization

You can allow Google Chrome in your organization, but make sure to block syncing accounts. This prevents sensitive information from ending up in personal accounts.

Make Chrome open in Incognito mode by default

Another option is to allow employees to use Chrome, but only in Incognito mode. This way, they can still enjoy Chrome, but there is less risk of data leakage to personal accounts.

Conclusion: Chrome is Fine, but Be Careful

Google Chrome is a user-friendly browser, but it may pose a security risk to your organization. ALTA-ICT can help you make Chrome more secure and improve your business security. Want to learn more about how to make your organization more secure? Contact ALTA-ICT for expert advice and support.

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