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June 08, 2024

Print Management and Multifunctional for Copy, Print, Fax and Scan

At ALTA-ICT, we understand that efficient document management is essential for both home and remote working. That’s why we offer professional printing and scanning equipment that meets the highest quality standards. In this blog, we discuss our services and how we can optimize your document management.

ALTA-ICT Print Management: Your Partner for Professional Printing

Our services include:

  • High Quality Laser Printers 🖨️
  • A3 Printers 📄
  • Professional Color Printers 🌈

At ALTA-ICT, we are happy to think with you for leasing printers for professional use. Our multifunctionals enable worry-free copying, printing, faxing and scanning. Want to buy a printer but outsource the maintenance? Then contact us to discuss our services and service options.

Personalizing Print Documents: Smart Solutions

Do you regularly use stationery in your printer? It can be much simpler! With ALTA-ICT Personalize you very easily give a personal touch to your documents:

  • Templates in House Style: We create templates in your house style.
  • Easy Use: Before you or any of your colleagues save or print a document, you will be asked which template you want to use as your background.
  • Cost-saving: This solution is a lot cheaper than printed stationery.

Never have the wrong logos or data on your documents again! 🌟

Do the Printer Check

At ALTA-ICT, we strive to make your printing environment as efficient as possible. Here are some aspects we focus on:

  • Best Printing Equipment: You only want to work with reliable A-brand printers that are tailored to your organization.
  • Realistic Costs: You are looking for a printing partner with a focus on cost reduction through sustainable and efficient printing solutions.
  • High Service Level: You like short lines of communication and quick service, ensuring your printer environment operates optimally 24/7.

Real Costs: Transparent and Honest

At ALTA-ICT, we look beyond just the number of prints. We take into account the amount of toner consumed per printout. As a result, you pay only for what you actually consume. If an all-in price is more advantageous to you, we offer that option as well.

  • Insight into Consumption: We make your print usage transparent, so you know exactly what you consume.
  • Cost reduction: Our solutions help you optimize processes within your organization and reduce costs.

Switching: Simple and Carefree

Want to switch to ALTA-ICT for all your print management needs? We are happy to guide you through the transition. We can terminate current rental and maintenance contracts and trade in your current equipment. Thanks to our LongLife concept, we deliver quickly and provide sustainable solutions:

  • Proprietary Printing Equipment: Fast delivery due to our unique LongLife concept.
  • Cost savings: Extend the technical life of printers and save on CO2 emissions and the environment.

With ALTA-ICT’s print management, you are assured of reliable equipment, low costs and excellent service.


At ALTA-ICT, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality printing and scanning solutions. Whether you work from home or remotely, we offer the equipment and services you need to work efficiently. Contact us today to find out how we can optimize your document management!

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Printbeheer en Multifunctional voor Kopiëren, Printen, Faxen en Scannen