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October 26, 2023

OneDrive Integrated with Azure RemoteApps

Microsoft recently unveiled an innovative update: the merging of Microsoft OneDrive and Azure Virtual Desktop RemoteApps. This update enriches users’ experience by allowing them to access and sync their files while using RemoteApps.

What is RemoteApp?

RemoteApp is an advanced virtual application technology that allows users to run Windows-based applications on a variety of devices ranging from Windows and Mac to Linux and mobile devices.

OneDrive and Azure Virtual Desktop: A Harmonious Collaboration

With this new integration, users can effortlessly use OneDrive in conjunction with RemoteApps within the Azure Virtual Desktop. This is a virtualization service that provides remote access to Windows applications and desktops.

Azure Virtual Desktop RemoteApps, a distinctive feature within Azure Virtual Desktop, allows individual applications to be streamed to users instead of an entire desktop environment. This optimizes performance as users stream only the applications they actually use.

In the past, use of OneDrive was limited to Azure Virtual Desktops that were non-persistent, and it was not compatible with RemoteApps. However, this new link ensures flawless collaboration between OneDrive and RemoteApps.

When a user connects to a RemoteApp, OneDrive can automatically launch hand-in-hand with the RemoteApp session. This allows users to access and sync their files stored in OneDrive while using RemoteApps. It feels like using OneDrive on a personal device.

Requirements and Availability

It is essential to emphasize that this OneDrive support for Azure Virtual Desktop RemoteApps is currently only available to Windows 11 users. Organizations using Azure Virtual Desktop for telecommuting will benefit significantly from this integration, thanks to the smooth access to files in OneDrive.

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