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January 19, 2024

New to Teams: The OneDrive App Revolutionizes Collaboration

Microsoft Teams continues to evolve as a powerful platform for collaboration and productivity. A recent addition is the OneDrive app within Teams, which fundamentally changes the way we manage and share our files. Let’s take a look at what this integration means and how it can improve the user experience within Microsoft Teams.

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What is the OneDrive App for Teams

The OneDrive app for Teams is a new addition that improves the file experience within Teams. It replaces the generic “Files” app and provides direct access to all Microsoft 365 files, including Loops, dashboards, and design boards.

Seamless Integration

This update is more than a simple addition; it is an integration that improves the user experience. Users can now enjoy the same file management features in Teams as they are used to from OneDrive Web, ensuring a consistent and familiar experience across platforms.

Benefits of the OneDrive app in Teams

    • Improved Accessibility: Instant access to all files within Microsoft 365 from within Teams.
    • Efficient File Management: User-friendly tools and views for organizing files.
    • Consistent User Experience: A unified experience between OneDrive Web and Teams.

How to Use the OneDrive App in Teams

Users will find the new OneDrive app in the file section of Teams. From there, they can navigate through their files, share them and collaborate with colleagues, just as they would in OneDrive Web.


OneDrive for Microsoft Teams


The introduction of the OneDrive app within Microsoft Teams is an exciting development that will change the way teams communicate and collaborate. By improving accessibility and file management, this integration makes working within Teams more efficient and user-friendly.

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