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January 08, 2021

More than 100 million people worldwide still use Windows 7

Despite running out of support for a year, the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system (OS) still appears to have at least 100 million users worldwide.

Microsoft has been saying for years that there are 1.5 billion users of Windows worldwide in multiple versions.

“It’s hard to get an exact number of Windows 7 users because of the different methods used by analytics companies, but there are at least 100 million of them,” reports The Verge.

Windows 7 has about 17 percent market share of all Windows operating systems, “with Windows 10 far beyond and 76 percent of people using Windows 10 as of November 2020”.

According to data from NetMarketShare, Windows 7 even increased its market share in the Windows OS market in December.

“Some of those 100 million PCs are likely to still be protected through Microsoft’s custom support program,” the report said on Wednesday.

Support for Windows 7 stopped in January 2020, almost 11 years after the operating system was first launched with the marketing campaign “I’m a PC and Windows 7 was my idea.”

It quickly became a hugely popular version of Windows, especially among companies.

Source: telanganatoday

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