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November 11, 2023

Microsoft’s Security Innovations: A New Phase in Online Security

As cybercriminals evolve and use new tools and techniques to penetrate organizations, the need for comprehensive security solutions is more urgent than ever. Microsoft reports that data security administrators are overwhelmed by the number of notifications, averaging more than 50 per day, of which only a third are handled. Compliance managers spend an average of 60% of their time reviewing evidence.

Introducing Major Upgrades in Microsoft’s Online Security Portfolio

To address these challenges, the company today announced a series of upgrades to its online security portfolio, including a major upgrade to Microsoft Security Copilot.

Streamline with Microsoft Security Copilot

Microsoft Security Copilot will reduce the learning curve for analysts looking to improve their skills by simplifying processes. For example, Security Copilot, integrated with Microsoft Purview, will enable analysts to respond more quickly to the latest notifications by generating a complete overview of existing information and notifications.

Security Copilot’s search functions now use natural language, making it easier to find existing logs. In a private preview, Microsoft Security Copilot is also integrated with the Microsoft Intune admin center, where it will serve specific needs of your organization by using the power of generative AI to develop and deploy new policies.

Microsoft Entra: Efficiently Managing User Accounts

Security Copilot provides insight through Microsoft Entra into which users pose the greatest risk. User data management has been simplified, making it easier to monitor access and generate new logins. Entra will now also offer a centralized management system for access controls.

By the end of 2023, Microsoft Entra Internet Access will include Web filtering, conditional access and network compliance controls.

New Features in Microsoft Intune via Security Copilot

Microsoft Intune will include new features that enable security teams to manage and collect data from individual devices, helping to develop device policies and best practices for future deployments.

Addressing External Attack Surfaces and Cloud Security.

Improvements to Microsoft Defender EASM and Defender for Cloud provide new ways to monitor potential attack paths and get guidance on security posture through natural language searches. Microsoft Defender for Cloud also provides attack path analytics, providing insight into cloud security and supporting vulnerability prediction and remediation.

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