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November 23, 2023

Microsoft’s SSE: Entra Internet & Private Access

In today’s digital age, flexible work arrangements and accelerated digital transformation have become the norm. This brings new challenges to network security. Traditional methods often no longer suffice because they allow extensive access to corporate networks, which increases risks.

To address this, Microsoft has introduced two innovative products: Entra Internet Access and Entra Private Access. These are part of Microsoft’s Security Service Edge (SSE) solutions, which provide a modern approach to network security.

Entra Internet Access: identity-based security

Entra Internet Access is a Secure Web Gateway that focuses on user identity. It offers protection against malicious Internet traffic and unsafe content, especially useful for Microsoft 365 users. This solution blocks access for high-risk users or devices, but makes essential features such as password recovery accessible. The special feature of Entra Internet Access is its integration with Microsoft 365, providing additional security against data exfiltration and anonymous access, with enhanced threat detection and user authentication.

Entra Private Access: Secure Access to Private Applications

Entra Private Access is based on Zero Trust principles and provides secure access to private applications regardless of the user’s location. This solution replaces traditional VPNs and adds an additional layer of security controls, such as multi-factor authentication and identity protection. It works in both hybrid and multi-cloud environments and provides advanced access controls for private applications.

An Integrated Solution

The combination of Internet Access and Private Access forms a comprehensive SSE solution. They provide consistent connectivity across devices and networks. These solutions are deeply integrated with Microsoft’s broader security portfolio and provide an identity-centric approach to network security. This makes it possible to unify and reinforce access policies with continuous access evaluation.

Microsoft's SSE solution


With Entra Internet Access and Entra Private Access, Microsoft offers a modern, identity-centric approach to network security, which is essential in our ever-changing digital world. These solutions help organizations strengthen and adapt their security measures to today’s digital challenges, creating a more secure and efficient workplace.

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