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June 20, 2023

Microsoft’s Bing Chat: New iOS Widgets and More Language Support

Microsoft’s Bing Chat is about to get some interesting updates. The recent blog post on the official Microsoft Bing blog has fans excited about the introduction of new widgets for the Bing app on iOS and the expanded voice chat capabilities of Bing Chat.

Bing Chat expands with 38 new Languages

One of the most prominent features highlighted in the blog post is the brand new Bing chat widget, designed specifically for iOS users. This widget allows users to implement a chat feature directly on their home screen, allowing easy access to chats without the need to open the app. The feature, originally available only for Android, has now been made accessible on iOS by Microsoft, further extending the platform’s reach.

Enhanced Voicechat Functionality

Microsoft has also been actively working to improve voice chat functionality. In a recent update, the company introduced voice chat support for another thirty-eight languages, including popular languages such as Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Russian, and many others. This speaks volumes about Microsoft’s commitment to serving a broad and diverse user base.

Performance enhancement of the Voice typing button

Furthermore, Microsoft has improved the performance of the speech typing button in the Bing mobile app for both iOS and Android. This upgrade provides a smoother and more accurate speech typing experience, making it easier for users to enter text via voice commands.

The Future of the Bing App

These updates reflect Microsoft’s commitment to improving the user experience and expanding the functionality of its search engine. Microsoft aims to provide users with greater convenience and efficiency in their daily interactions with the Bing app. With these new updates, users can look forward to an improved and seamless search experience. Check out Bing Chat in Microsoft Edge here.

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