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October 15, 2023

Microsoft Viva: Introducing Amplify and Skills Applications

Microsoft recently announced the expansion of its Viva product line, including the general availability of Viva Amplify and a brand new Skills product, along with the benefits of Copilot AI.

Viva Suite’s Growth

Since its introduction several years ago, Viva, Microsoft’s line for the “employee experience,” has grown rapidly. The core suite includes nine applications focused on HR, communications and goals within organizations. These apps can be accessed through Microsoft Teams and are often sold as bundles.

Introducing Viva Amplify

Viva Amplify, now widely available, aims to improve internal communication. Organizations can review, schedule and preview messages. With Amplify, they can increase the effectiveness of their messages and track reader engagement.

Debut of Skills in Viva

Skills in Viva, supported by AI, evaluates employee skills and is powered by Microsoft Graph and LinkedIn Skill Graph data. This data allows HR to get a dashboard view of skills within the organization.

Copilot in Viva Goals

Copilot AI is integrated into most Viva apps. Integration into Viva Goals, Microsoft’s OKR service, is currently in the private preview phase. It offers recommendations for OKRs, AI-driven suggestions and progress summaries.

Viva October Updates

Several updates have been announced for Viva products. Viva Connections, the home page for Viva users, is undergoing a transformation with new features and organizational branding options. Viva Engage introduces an expanded article placement feature. In addition, there is a planned release for an “Organizational Data in Microsoft 365” feature that unlocks additional capabilities within the Viva apps.


With these recent updates, Microsoft continues its commitment to improving the employee experience and providing organizations with more tools to refine their internal processes and communications.

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