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January 05, 2023

Microsoft Teams will soon have video filters

Made popular by Zoom, these video filters allow you to change your appearance or the look of your background.

Microsoft Teams is starting the new year with some nice updates, as the team collaboration platform is reportedly adding even more video filters to its conferencing tools.

It’s no secret that Microsoft Teams is constantly updating its platform. Last year, the company launched a
wide range of Microsoft Teams updates
to improve the experience of the new hybrid workforce set up at home since the start of the pandemic.

This year is no different, as Microsoft Teams hits the ground running with some nice updates that will make your meetings a little more fun.

Video filters in Microsoft Teams meetings

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, which provides insight into the update coming to the platform, Microsoft Teams will add fun video filters that can change participants’ apperance or their backgrounds during meetings.

“Video filters allow Teams Meetings participants to augment their video stream with visual effects. The effects are provided by app developers on Teams Platform.” – Microsoft 365 roadmap entry

As mentioned in the Microsoft 365 roadmap entry, the filters are being created by app developers, so it’s safe to assume there will be plenty to choose from when they go live. The lemma states that users can expect the new filters around February of this year.

Video filters like this have become increasingly popular on Zoom, where users have been replacing themselves with potatoes and other fun backgrounds for a while now. The new filters won’t serve much of a practical purpose except to make work a little fun, which Microsoft Teams is already on top of with features like Games for Work.

Is Microsoft Teams good for businesses?

If your team has become hybrid in recent years, it may be difficult to capture that culture in the office. Some employees may work exclusively from home, which means team members may feel a bit left out, which is never good for productivity.

This is where Microsoft Teams really excels. In addition to providing the basic functionality of collaboration platforms, such as project management and messaging tools, Microsoft Teams has a lot of cool stuff built in that can capture some of the corporate culture magic that promotes retention and prevents silent quits.

Moreover, it is constantly being updated, so much so that we regularly cover the new features added to Microsoft Teams. Indeed, updates are regularly based on customer feedback, which has quickly made the platform a favorite for companies that need to get work done. Plus, with seamless integration with the rest of the Microsoft 365 system, it’s a no-brainer for companies already using services like Outlook.

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