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March 13, 2021

Microsoft Teams will allow meeting organizers to pause video recordings later this year.

Microsoft plans to add a new option that allows organizers to pause video recordings during Teams meetings. According to a UserVoice forum post, the company is currently working on the implementation of this feature and will come to the app later this year.

Currently, Zoom allows organizers to easily pause recording by clicking the Pause button or using the shortcut (Alt + P) in the app. This is something that is not possible at all in Microsoft Teams. In fact, it has been requested by many users since 2018 and software gaint has yet to run it.

Once the update is rolled out, the meeting organizers can pause and then resume the meeting without taking multiple recordings, although there is no expected arrival time for this feature yet. “Thank you for your feedback. The team has scheduled this feature for later this year. We will share an update as soon as one is available”, a Microsoft Teams engineer wrote yesterday.

This opportunity will certainly be useful for thousands of companies and schools that use Teams to hold important meetings, webinars, classes, and group discussions. This change should make it easier to take short breaks during all-day meetings. It can also help them to avoid registering unfortunate events that occur for various reasons.

Source: unmsft

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