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January 19, 2021

Microsoft Teams to receive PowerPoint Presenter view

Technology is getting old fast. What was called innovative yesterday may not be important today. The dynamic technology landscape is constantly being updated to meet the changing demands of the progressive world. Taking this into account, technology companies continue to update their products and services to provide continuous service to their customers. In one such attempt, Microsoft will implement the PowerPoint Presenter View update for Microsoft Teams. This article discusses how this update will improve your meeting experience in Teams.

What’s the benefit of Microsoft Teams PowerPoint Presenter View?

Currently, Microsoft Teams offers you a built-in feature, called presentation mode, for presenting your files in virtual communications. However, it has certain limitations and does not allow presenters to change the way PowerPoint slides appear to meeting participants. With PowerPoint Presenter View, presenters can choose a slide at will, making the conversation more engaging and effective than ever before.

What are the capabilities of PowerPoint Presenter View?

When the PowerPoint Presenter view is enabled, presenters can switch between slides in the wrong order and select the slide they want to present during a meeting at any time. They can also view their notes, which can help them as supporting documents for a better presentation. The PowerPoint presentation view gives users a thumbnail of all slides so they can see how the slides are arranged. It is also possible to give the meeting participants a brief summary, as the presenters can go back and forth between slides.

How to use PowerPoint Presenter View in Microsoft Teams?

PowerPoint Presenter View is currently in preview for Microsoft Teams meetings and is expected to be rolled out to the general public by the end of January 2021. However, you can now use this feature by participating in the Public Team Preview program. After you sign in, you can click the Share icon that appears next to the Leave option in the meeting window. Lets you choose a recent presentation file from the Teams Share Tray or find a file stored on your system or OneDrive to open automatically in presenter view. If you’re giving a presentation during the meeting, all you need to do is enable the new meeting experience in the Teams settings to use this feature, and it only works in multi-window meetings.

Source: o365cloudexperts

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