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January 10, 2024

Microsoft Teams soon available in Android Auto

In the world where mobility and productivity go hand in hand, Microsoft announces an exciting update: Microsoft Teams is coming to Android Auto in February 2024. This is a milestone for users who need connectedness and productivity, even behind the wheel.

The Evolution of Android Auto

Android Auto, known for its media and navigation functions, is now transforming into a platform that also supports work and communication. With the integration of Microsoft Teams, Android Auto will allow users to seamlessly manage meetings and communicate through their car’s infotainment system.

The Power of Teams in Your Car

The convenience of participating in Teams meetings or quickly accessing contacts via the auto interface brings a new layer of efficiency for professionals who are often on the go.

Compare with CarPlay

With Teams already available on Apple’s CarPlay since 2021, the expansion to Android Auto makes Microsoft’s work communication tool universally accessible to the modern mobile worker.

Future Implications

This development reflects Microsoft’s commitment to adapting to user needs and integrating work into our daily mobility. The integration of Teams into Android Auto is expected to be the go-ahead for more advanced work-related features in vehicles.


Although the specific launch date has yet to be announced, expectations are high. The addition of Teams is a significant step forward in the pursuit of an integrated work environment – in the office, at home, and now on the road.


With the arrival of Microsoft Teams to Android Auto in February 2024, the car will become an extension of the workplace more than ever. This opens up new opportunities for multitasking and productivity for today’s busy professional.

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